Inpatient staff: 2017 Flu "Best Practice Advisory" now effective

Beginning Wednesday, Sept. 19, inpatient caregivers began seeing a "Best Practice Advisory" (BPA) in Epic@UNC to ensure that we screen all appropriate patients who should receive a flu vaccine.

The details are available in this Tip Sheet. Please note the following changes for 2017:

  • New “Influenza Immunization History Not Documented” BPA: Page 1 of Tip Sheet
  • Process for documenting in the Historical Immunizations section: Page 2 of Tip Sheet 
    • This is used when a patient receives the Influenza Vaccine outside of a UNC Health Care facility (e.g. CVS, Target, etc …).
  • “Current Influenza Immunization History Alert” BPA: Page 3 of Tip Sheet 
    • This BPA appears when the patient already has received the Influenza Vaccine for the current season per documentation in the Immunization Activity and the user selects any other answer besides ‘yes’ for the screening question, “Have you had an influenza vaccine this season?” 
    • This alert should help prevent patients from receiving an extra immunization.
  • ‘Incomplete Influenza Vaccine Screening’ banner within the Overview report: Page 4 of Tip Sheet 
    • A hyperlink has been added in the banner taking the user to the flowsheet activity, making it easier to update and complete the Influenza Vaccine Screening documentation.

View details on the 2017 Outpatient Flu Vaccine BPA.