Reminder: American Heart Association Basic Life Support Renewal Class Requirements

The Advanced Life Support Program would like to reminder everyone signed up to take the Basic Life Support Renewal class that they must meet all the requirements for the class in order to take the class. These requirements are included in the LMS course description and in the several email reminders generated by LMS leading up to the class. Anyone who has not met these requirements WILL BE TURNED AWAY FROM THE CLASS. These requirements are mandated by the American Heart Association and must be met.

Two of the requirements are of particular importance:

  • Every student who attends a BLS-Renewal class must show, at check-in, a current AHA BLS Provider card.
  • Every student who attends any American Heart Association class, must have, at check-in, a current AHA provider textbook for that class.

If you cannot locate your AHA BLS-Provider card and you received an eCard the last time you took BLS, you can go to and use the login information with which you claimed your last BLS-Provider eCard. You can then print a copy to bring with you to class.

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