Registration/Scheduling Staff: New Features Coming Soon for Get Started with My UNC Chart

Get Started with My UNC Chart allows patients to get a head start on the check-in process by allowing them to update demographics, provide clinical information, and answer questionnaires. A second phase of Get Started will be available soon for patients with brand new functionalities. Although patients will be able to use these functions, it is still the responsibility of administrative staff to verify all information at check in.

On July 12 patients will be able to:

  • Verify Guarantor Information
  • Add or Edit Insurance Information
  • Make Payments for Today’s Services (PB estimated expenses)
  • eSign General Consent for Treatment and Notice of Privacy Practices

Registration, Scheduling, and Check In staff should attend one of these Get Started Phase II training WebEx offerings being held between noon – 1 p.m. on:

Additional training and resources information will be made available prior to Go Live. Please reach out to Maryanne Berry with any questions.

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