Carolina Care Excellence Highlight: Dr. Randal Detwiler

Our patient comment this week recognizes Dr. Randal Detwiler in the Department of Nephrology: "I want to let you know how much I appreciate my doctor. I have grown quite fond of him and how well he takes care of me. It has been a journey of ups and downs, and I am finally at a point where I feel good and normal. Yes, normal which is a great thing for people with health issues! And it is because of Dr. Detwiler and his professional care and knowledge... "

"...I know a lot of doctors are knowledgeable in what they do, but when you have that, with a doctor who also listens to his patient and cares, you have the total package. I mean really listens, then takes the time to help me understand (and the lucky staff that may be present), and takes action to do what is needed, not later right then. This has happened more than once with me. And Dr. Detwiler has been very efficient in listening, educating me (and staff), and setting into motion what needs to be done. Last year I caught the common cold virus that turned into something worse. I was seeing my local doctor, but was not getting better. I had been keeping my coordinator up to date on my situation too. I happen to have an appointment around the same time with Dr. Detwiler. He took one look at me and after examining me set a plan into motion to take care of things, some of which included CXR, CT and medicine. He even called me at home that evening and had arranged an appointment with the lung clinic. It was a scary event for me and thanks to great care from Dr. Detwiler I recovered. There are more examples, I just wanted to give one." - UNC Health Care Patient

Our patients often provide comments about their providers when completing their Press Ganey patient experience survey. While you can always review comments at UNC Health Care's Find-a-Doctor website, we will highlight a few of the best comments every two weeks.

You can view comments our patients leave on Press Ganey surveys for providers at UNC Health Care's Find-a-Doctor website.