Great American Smokeout event helps people begin the journey to becoming tobacco free

The Tobacco Treatment Program will have tables at the Cancer Hospital and Family Medicine Clinic to celebrate the American Cancer Society’s 43rd annual Great American Smokeout® (GASO) on Thursday, November 15.

Since 1975, the American Cancer Society has hosted GASO, a public awareness event to encourage individuals who currently use tobacco to become tobacco free. Organizations across the country use GASO to encourage their patients, employees, customers, community members, partners, and other key audiences to take action towards becoming tobacco free. Individuals similarly take advantage of GASO to support family members and friends in reducing or eliminating their tobacco use.

The theme for GASO 2018 is “Day One,” making a commitment to stay tobacco free for 24 hours with the hope of turning one day into many days. It is a day for someone to begin their journey towards becoming tobacco free. The UNC Tobacco Treatment Program uses GASO as an opportunity to support community members in becoming tobacco free, raise awareness about our program, and engage the public.

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