New Artwork on Display in the Women's Health Information Center

Art by local artist and UNC alumna, Catherine Collins Gravatt, will be on display on display at the Women's Health Education Center through the end of September.

Catherine Collins Gravatt is a Chapel Hill-based, self-taught artist who has been doodling, scribbling, and painting since she was a small child. Catherine began her focus on abstract art and the female figure nearly three years ago to channel her emotions after a cancer diagnosis. The abstract faces, and female forms represent strength, grace and finding the beauty in challenging life moments. Her works of art are comprised mixed media including charcoal, acrylics, pencil and watercolors. Abstract is her chosen form of expression as there are no rules, constraints, or inhibitions – simply pure meditative flow. Her influences are both contemporary artists as well as the classics, Matisse and Picasso.

Learn more about WHIC at this link.

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