Stories, Photos and Content Needed for Donor/Transplant Memorial

Do you have a story about transplant care at UNC Hospitals? A new Donor/Transplant Memorial is being produced for UNC Hospitals and content is need to ensure that the wall is creative, informative and has a diversity of content.

Here are a few suggestions to spark ideas:

Historical Events/Key Individuals

  • momentous events or firsts in the history of the UNC Center for Transplant Care
  • growth or innovative programs 
  • evolution/current state of our partnership with Carolina Donor Services 
  • people who were integral in these historical events and deserve to be remembered 
  • evolution of setting/meeting goals (both internal and national)

Donor (organ, tissue & eye) and Transplant Recipient Stories

  • donor stories to include living donors
  • donor families 
  • ongoing relationships and support of our donor families 
  • impact of transplant (all types of transplant) on personal lives 
  • stories unique and special to UNC Hospitals

The Future of the UNC Center for Transplant Care:

  • Why register to be an organ donor?
  • What is next for organ donation/transplant? 
  • What is the state of current or anticipated future research? 
  • Are we developing any innovative programs? 
  • What are our current quality/performance improvement initiatives?
  • What is our vision for the future?

Are you able to provide us with any content described above? Do you have names of others we should reach out to for content? If so, please send the following contact information to Abby Bryson (in the short term) at

Full name and position
Email address
Office phone
Personal cell phone