Clean In Clean Out Update: Golden Hand Accolades for January 2019

To find Clean In, Clean Out data (updated weekly), please click on the Clean In, Clean Out Dashboards link on the left-hand side of the Clean In, Clean Out page, accessible here: Our Golden Hand winners for the 2nd quarter of FY19 and other information can be found here.

HH Golden HandPhysician/APP participants: appreciation to our providers who are steadfast in their commitment to Clean In, Clean Out: Colin James Orr (Pediatrics), Megan Andrews (Transplant-VAD/Heart Program), Scott H Buck (Pediatrics), Katie Clement (Pediatrics), Paul Shea (Pediatrics), Jennifer Daniels (Pediatrics), Lindsay Heather Chase (Pediatrics), Afsaneh Pirzadeh (Pediatrics), Shannon Solt (Pediatrics), Sara Sanders (Pediatrics), Emily C Wirtz (Surgery), and Jason Katz (Cardiology).

Feedback Honor Roll (awarded to those units and job classes achieving ≥75% feedback for the entire 2nd quarter and submitting ≥25 observations): 3NSH, 4NSH, 4ADS, 5CH, 5WST, 5AD, 5NSH, CICU, Inpatient Hospice, Wakebrook-Inpatient, Admin Staff/HUC Inpatient, Physician/APP/CRNA Inpatient, Nursing Staff Inpatient, Other – Clinical Nurse Educator OR, Physician/APP/CRNA Outpatient, Other – Educator Outpatient, Other – Clinic Manager Outpatient, GI Medicine Clinic at Memorial, ENT at CC, Children’s Primary Care Clinic, Main OR Pre/Post OP (Memorial Hospital), Transplant Clinic, Children’s Specialty Clinic, Raleigh Child Specialty.

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