Writing for Resilience Returns

A weekly writing group open to all in the hospital and community. Come and enjoy a respite for reflecting and writing. No writing experience necessary! Now meeting in the Patient and Family Resource Center, in the NC Cancer Hospital.

Studies show that writing about deep and important matters is good for our health. It lowers blood pressure, improves our immunity, increases t-cell production, lowers anxiety, and can actually make us happier. Writing can also offer a fresh and healing perspective.

A nurse from the cancer hospital said, " This workshop gives me time to reflect on my busy clinic days, to breathe. The prompts and writings remind me of how taking a quiet walk in the woods can settle me or strike me with tenderness or awe during a moment of witnesses beauty."

Writing for Resilience starts up again on Tuesday, Jan. 22, at noon, and will meet in a new location - the Patient and Family Resource Center Conference Room, located in the Cancer Hospital.

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