Colorectal ERAS Clinical Pathway coming to Epic@UNC in late May

On May 21, UNC Health Care will implement its first Epic@UNC Clinical Pathway to support the growing Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) program. UNC Medical Center and UNC REX have been early adopters of ERAS, which provides surgical patients with better patient outcomes and shorter hospital stays.

While no two patients are the same, pathways provide a predictable care plan backed by evidence-based principles.  Surgeons, anesthesiologists and nurses from UNC Medical Center and UNC Rex have worked together with our ISD teams to build our first Epic@UNC Clinical Pathway for Colorectal Surgery patients.  Other leading hospital systems have used this Epic functionality to improve patient outcomes and reduce unnecessary care variation. 

If you take care of Colorectal Surgery patients at UNC Medical Center or UNC Rex, you will hear specific information about Epic@UNC Clinical Pathways in the coming weeks as we work to familiarize the clinical teams with this new functionality.

If you participate in ERAS care other than Colorectal Surgery, please continue to follow your normal workflows.  Our ERAS team will work transition other existing ERAS pathways into Epic@UNC and develop new pathways so we can provide the best possible surgical outcomes for our patients. 

Are you interested in learning more about ERAS? Check out the UNC Health Care ERAS Intranet Page for more information.

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