Surgeons, OpTime users: OpTime changes as of Sept. 3

On Tuesday, Sept. 3, the SmartLink @ORCOMPL@ was inactivated in Epic@UNC.

  • Currently, the SmartLink @ORCOMPL@ displays, “No complications entered in OR log” when utilized in Epic@UNC  due to no discreet documentation field for OR Complications being  available at this time. 
  • Please remove this SmartLink from any personalized SmartPhrase (dot-phrase) to avoid your note displaying this information as “COMPLICATIONS:@ORCOMPL@”. 
  • The F2 functionality is still available in the Brief Op Note to choose either “None” or describe the complicatio

On Sept. 3, a new SmartLink @APPASSISTANT@ will be added to the Epic@UNC Op Note and Brief Op Note to pull in Assistants documented in the OR Log  with a staff type of PA or NP:

  • Please update any personal SmartPhrases (dot-phrase) with the new SmartLink in order to pull in this data to your Notes.
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