Tobacco Free Tar Heels Success Story: Brenda Joyner

Learn how the Tobacco Free Tar Heels program helped Brenda Joyner get tobacco free and stay that way.

Ms. Joyner met with two counselors from the UNC Tobacco Treatment Program (TTP), Barbara Silver through the Tobacco Free Tar Heels program for UNC Health Care employees and Eiman Newcomer when she was hospitalized.  Barbara and Eiman helped her cut back on smoking first, then quit altogether.

As part of the Tobacco Free Tar Heels program, Barbara taught Brenda strategies for quitting, such as making her car tobacco free and not going out for cigarette breaks at work.  She appreciated the encouragement and support from someone she could trust.

Her health scare resulting in hospitalization and a fear of being on oxygen motivated her to quit altogether.  While hospitalized at UNC, she was relieved to be in a smoke-free environment, reinforcing her desire to quit. After meeting with Eiman, Ms. Joyner agreed that using nicotine patches and gum upon discharge would help her remain tobacco free long-term.

Brenda is proud that she has been tobacco free since October 13, 2019.

If you are interested in quitting smoking, chewing/dipping, or vaping and are a UNC Health Care employee or dependent of an employee, contact Barbara Silver to set up an appointment. The program is FREE.

Barbara Silver, 919-904-4848,

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