New System dashboard helps leaders manage performance

Leaders from across UNC Health Care are now able to manage and compare their organization’s performance to peers across UNC Health Care using new system dashboards that are tied to a common set of performance indicators.

System dashboards are distributed monthly by the Affiliate Accounting department to entity Leadership teams and are expected to be shared within local entities as needed.

The system dashboards were developed at the request of the CEO Roundtable from the need to understand each entity’s performance using a set of accepted performance indicators that aligned with our five Pillars, and enable comparison and best practice sharing across UNC Health Care. Previously, metrics were shared in several different settings or not shared at all, definitions were infrequently used and entity performance was not easily comparable.

Over the summer, the System Affiliations department led the project that required six months of development to reach consensus on a common set of metrics, definitions and data collection processes. Development was supported by CFO, COO, Improvement and Physician Practices Roundtables, as well as the UNC Health Care Strategic Planning department. 

Today, data entry into the dashboard is manual and each entity must submit nearly 100 different metrics each month, including period-to-date, year-to-date, and budget data for each metric. System Affiliations is working closely with ISD to improve the dashboard’s functionality, including the automation of certain data points. Dashboard optimization will be a 6-12 month process, and will make the dashboard a more user-friendly and customizable tool.

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