FHD 2013 year in review

“The least expensive thing in the world is a word of kindness. It is a most individual thing. And it quickly gets to be a habit without much practice. More should try it.”
“There is a quiet understanding here,” said Rebecca Clanton, 52, of Houston, Texas. “Everyone here is hurting in some way, but yet we are supportive of each other. Being here is my chance to dote on my Daddy, but I know if I had to leave for some emergency at home, the people we’ve met just this week would take care of him.”
“Chapel Hill gave her hope, and there was always a sense that they would never give up on her,” said Linda Rush, 38, Kathy and Harles’ only daughter. “By the grace of God, she’s healed, and everything’s OK.”
“I work in a teamwork world, where it’s all about getting the job done,” Corbin said. “Many times that involves having one shot to get it done right. Treating my cancer is one shot. My team at UNC is cohesive and dynamic and their mentality about healing is uncommon. And always I am treated like another professional in the room.”
“Family House is the true meaning of the place. You might come here as an individual, but when you leave you are forever a part of this family. And for me, it’s never like coming to work.”
“Family House has been a saving grace for us. It’s a comfort and healing for both of us. We’re able to talk and pray with others who are going through similar situations. It’s like we have a new family. And I like the idea of volunteers fixing dinner.”
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