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Graphic instructions on how to use an AED in the event of cardiac arrest. Graphic by Rachel Morris.
Ashley Conrad
Original painting of red blood cells by Ashley Conrad.
brain-stomach connection
Chicken Noodle Soup
Photo to go with Chicken Noodle Soup recipe developed UNC Hospitals' chefs.
Chuck Perou
Chuck Perou, PhD/Illustration by Max Englund, UNC Medical Center News Office
Image by Max Englund/UNC Medical Center News Office
DNA Dominos
Illustration by Max Englund/UNC Medical Center News Office
Animation by Max Englund/UNC Medical Center News Office
graphic by Max Englund/UNC Medical Center News Office
Pain is signaled from the place of injury to the dorsal root ganglia – clusters of neurons alongside the spinal cord – before the pain is signaled into the spinal cord and finally the brain. Mark Zylka, PhD, has found a way to lessen the signal – and thus pain – at the dorsal root ganglia. Mixed media illustration by Max Englund/UNC Medical Center News Office
graphic by Max Englund/UNC Health Care
R2d2: The gene that beats Mendel's law of segregation. (image by Max Englund / UNC Health Care
Strahl DNA Repair
Graphic by Max Englund/UNC Medical Center News Office
Illustration by Max Englund/UNC Medical Center News Office
Urzyme planet illustration
Urzyme planet illustration
ER Tips
Pass the Popcorn
Hillsborough Opening
5 Ways- Informatics
5 Ways UNC Informatics will Improve Health Care for North Carolinians
5 Ways- Community Service
5 Ways Community Service Enhances Medical Education
Social Media Tips
Your Digital Footprint: 5 Tips for Health Care Professionals
Ron Alterovitz- Robotic Surgery
Human Interactions, Robotic Solutions
July 4th Safety Tips
Celebrate safety on July 4th (2014)
5 Sayings From Your Mother
5 sayings From Your Mother that will Keep You and Your Loved Ones Healthy this Winter!
Book Covers
Submitted Book Covers
Maps and Locations
5 Tips- Preventing Burnout
5 Tips to Prevent or Mitigate Physician Burnout
5 Tips- Women in Research
5 Tips for Young Women Building Careers as Medical Researchers
Orientation 2015
BBSP orientation
Whitehead 2015 1
"Read at least half an hour every day."
Whitehead 2015 2
"Medical School isn't the issue - it's the medicine you have to take seriously."
Whitehead 2015 3
"Do medicine because it's right for you."
2015 snowglobes
Heart Healthy Travel Tips
e cigarette illustration
Illustration by Christ-Claude Mowandza-Ndinga
Grilling Saftety
Fireworks safety
Stuebe - breastfeeding graphic
GDUSA winners
diabetes finger pricks
Credit: Christ-claude Mowandza-ndinga
Bap! Wrecker of DNA
BaP, a wrecker of DNA (illustration by Christ-claude Mowandza-ndinga, UNC Health Care)
UNC scientists discovered how the enzyme Set2 keeps gene transcription working properly when cells are under stress. (Illustration by Christ-claude Mowandza-ndinga)
heart health now
Research Week