Congrats to our Fall 2010 Plus People!

Congrats to UNC Health Care's Fall 2010 Plus People. These 14 employees were recognized for being among the very best at UNC Health Care this fall. Congrats to each of our Plus People!

Congrats to each of our Fall 2010 Plus People!

Missy Beckwith Missy Beckwith
Bone Marrow Transplant Unit

Missy radiates kindness and care not only for her patients but for all those with whom she comes in contact. Missy not only cares for her patient’s physical well-being but also for their emotional well-being. Her quiet demeanor allows her to be honest and direct with her response to any questions.
Timothy Byrd Timothy Byrd

As the “Lawson guru”, Tim goes above and beyond the call of duty on a daily basis by ensuring that we are the best we can be utilizing the assets we have at our disposal.  Tim shares his times and knowledge to teach his coworkers how they can look up information in the system more easily and efficiently. Tim, we thank you.
Matthew Cox Matthew Cox
Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

All those who work with Matt would readily agree that he is an expert at ensuring the PICU runs smoothly and effortlessly. Even during the busiest of shifts, Matt remains calm and organized and is responsive to the needs of his team members through his diligent manner. We thank you for everything you do, Matt.
Beverly Crump Beverly Crump

Beverly will always go the extra mile to give the best care to her patients. She often stays extra hours to help out coworkers. Also, Beverly often suggests new initiatives in her department, both to improve patient care and to decrease waste while increasing efficiency at work. Beverly, we thank you for everything you do.
Charlene Durham Charlene Durham
McLendon Clinical Labs

Charlene’s consistency at work translates into her commitment to her teams and patients by maintaining an effective personal and professional plans. Her hard work and dedication have allowed her team to be less stressed and has streamlined their work. We thank you for everything you do, Charlene.
Bruce Jones Bruce Jones
Hospitals Police

Bruce is proactive in his traffic control tasks. His kind and caring demeanor along with his sure and steady patient handling skills have been true assets during tough and emotionally draining calls that can involve placing a patient into restraints. Bruce, we thank you for everything you do.
Barbara Leshney Barbara Leshney
5 Children's

Since joining her unit, Barbara has served as a role model for how to build a sense of family between the staff patients and their families. Her demonstrated level of patience and compassionate care for her patients is one we all should try to emulate. Barbara, we thank you for everything you do.
Judy Melton Judy Melton
Revenue Management

During a three week period this summer, Judy found herself the only employee in her department. Without complaint she accepted the challenge to learn new tasks and deliver the same high level of service her customers would come to expect from a fully staffed office.  Judy, we thank you for everything you do.
Mike Plesh Mike Plesh

Aware of the impact his work has on the overall operation of the Hospital, Mike always strives to deliver high quality integration solutions. Mike often volunteers to help others in ISD by developing systems that support their projects. He often has a continuous line at his desk of people looking for help and guidance.
Elizabeth Speck Elizabeth Speck
Surgery Resident
Elizabeth is compassionate, reliable, trustworthy, and professional. She has been an invaluable asset to medical student training and instruction. Her concern for a balance of resident well-being and satisfactory training in general surgery have allowed her to suggest improvement measures in her department.
Juan Trujillo Juan Trujillo
Ophthalmology Clinic

Juan’s work ethic, integrity, and professionalism have truly raised the bar within the ophthalmology clinic’s operations. He has demonstrated stellar performance in the financial arena. Without breaking his smile, Juan often assists the front desk with translations or helpful information. We thank you for everything you do, Juan.
Tammy Ware Tammy Ware

On a daily basis Tammy demonstrates teamwork and kindness towards patients and staff. Tammy’s responsibilities require multitasking and extensive communication for a high volume disease specialty, all which she does with ease and efficiency. We thank you for everything you do, Tammy.
Melisa Witzke Melisa Witzke
Emergency Department

Melisa is constantly recognized by her department for her positive attitude and outlook she has every day. Known for her calm demeanor, Melisa goes that extra mile to make sure that the patients and their families are provided the best possible care during some of the most stressful times of their lives.
Elissa Collins-Yoder Elissa Collins-Yoder
Surgical Services

Elissa is very personable and extends herself to fellow staff to make a cohesive and high functioning team. Her honesty in assessing the department’s strengths and weaknesses is invaluable as they strive for excellence in a patient’s recovery experience. We thank you for everything you do, Elissa.
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