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At work, Dr. William Goodnight takes care of women with high-risk pregnancies. At play, he likes to mountain bike. And run trails. And do a little white water kayaking -- all on the same day.

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Nathan Clendenin wrote this.

Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2011

We've been producing real doctors, real people for a year now and I must say it's been a wonderful adventure. I've met almost every kind of doctor you can think of practicing medicine and doing research in a varied assortment of specialties. I joked with my wife the other day that if we ever need any kind of specialist for anything, we'll have their cell number!

This month's doctor, William Goodnight, is the guy I'd call if my wife were having a high-risk pregnancy (which thankfully is not the case so far).  He's a specialist in maternal-fetal medicine.  Yet when he's not seeing patients, teaching, or spending time with his family, you'll probably find him training.  Over the last year or so, Goodnight put in long hours and clocked many miles on roads, trails and rivers in preparation for Captain Thurmond's Challenge, an extreme triathlon that takes place every year in Fayetteville, West Virginia.   A regular triathlon, like the one we saw Samuel Jones do, is no small feat with heavy swimming, a long bike ride and a grueling run.  But the folks up in West Virginia have managed to turn the pain up a notch with Captain Thurmond's, which can be run in a relay or solo.

The race starts out with a mountain bike ride through some beautiful wooded trails with no shortage of uphill climbs and winding descents.  Then the racers park their bikes and get into kayaks for some paddling through Class 3 and 4 rapids on the New River. Finally, the racers put on running shoes for a ridiculously hard run up from the bottom of the New River valley back up to the town, climbing more than 1,000 feet over 7 or 8 miles in the process.

If you're not already intrigued, check out this month's real doctors, real people video to see what would possess someone to do this, and how it turns out!

Editor's note: You know how a business will undergo a construction makeover and while that's ongoing they post a sign that either says, "under construction" or "pardon our mess"?  Well, that's what's happening to real doctors, real people from October through December. We're going through a slight makeover, a little construction. We're still going to bring you the same amazing stories but we hope to one-up ourselves. So stick around and keep a watch for the new and improved "real doctors, real people" in January 2012. The best is yet to come!

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