RN: Real Nurses - Morgan Womble

Morgan Womble is a nurse in the Orthopedics/Trauma unit at UNC Hospitals. She's also a self-described "adrenaline junkie" and skydiver.

RN: Real Nurses - Morgan Womble click to enlarge "My relaxation is jumping out of planes," says Morgan Womble.
RN: Real Nurses - Morgan Womble click to enlarge "The best time, and the most clear my mind will ever be, is when I'm under my parachute, flying."

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Written by Stephen L. Garrett for UNC Health Care

Morgan Womble is nurse in the Orthopedics/Trauma unit at UNC Hospitals. There, she works with patients who have suffered gunshot wounds, total hip/knee replacements and traumatic injuries from accidents, or who have recently been through extensive surgery. A self-described "adrenaline junkie," Morgan explains that in order to "relax" and unwind from the stress of her intense days in the hospital, she seeks high-thrill value activities like skydiving.

She took her first skydive five years ago and loved it so much that she eventually received her skydiving license - a feat that takes at least 25 jumps. She then went on to become a skydiving instructor which takes at least 500 jumps. Additionally, Morgan frequently puts on a camera helmet and videotapes a four-person team of skydivers that performs coordinated formations while free falling. The team practices regularly for competition and when they are in a period of intense training can do 30 or more jumps in a weekend!

But Morgan's love of adventure doesn't end with frequent death-defying falls from airplanes from over 13,500 feet. When my co-producer Nathan and I traveled to her home just outside of Chapel Hill for an interview, I took mental note of the Jet Ski, whitewater kayak, and various other fun outdoor toys not far from view. While setting up our interview, she told us about a recent trip to Europe where she rented a BMW motorcycle to tour a region of the Swiss Alps with a friend.  Jealous!

While producing videos for this video series, Nathan and I have had the opportunity to film from high above out of hot air balloons, from fast moving wake boarding boats, and while hanging out of the back of moving cars; yet, I think both of us were relieved that we could rely on footage from Morgan and her colleague Eric Scott for this particular story. Special thanks to Triangle Skydiving Center for allowing us to film at their facility.

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