Hearing Grayson's story around the world

Much of the world was fascinated late last week with the story and video footage of Grayson Clamp hearing for the first time. Grayson is a 3-year-old patient from Charlotte who is the first at UNC Hospitals, and among the first in the U.S., to receive an auditory brain stem implant as part of an FDA-approved trial. Watch and read just a few pieces of the coverage of Grayson's incredible story.

Note that some of the video clips below show advertisements before Grayson's story begins.

Original UNC Health Care story/video

International coverage

  • BBC News - “US Boy Hears For First Time After Ground-Breaking Implant”

National Broadcasts:

    • CBS News - “Deaf Boy With Auditory Brain Stem Implant Stunned After Hearing Dad For First Time”
  • CNN - “New Implant Helps Boy Hear For First Time”
  • FOX News - “3-Year-Old Boy Hears For First Time Thanks To New Device”
    • FOX News [Insider] - “Get Your Tissues:  3-Year-Old Deaf Boy Hears Dad’s Voice For First Time”
    • NBC News - The TODAY Show - "Mom: Hearing Has Opened New World For Son, 3”
    • MSN Now - “Watch 3-Year-Old Hear Sound For The First Time – His Dad’s Voice”

National newspapers & magazines:

  • New York Daily News - “Breakthrough Surgery Allows Boy, 3, To Hear His Father’s Voice For The First Time”
  • TIME Magazine -“WATCH:  Boy Hears His Dad’s Voice For First Time”
  • USA Today - “Boy Reacts As He Hears For The First Time”

Online & Blogs

  • AOL.com - “Grayson Clamp:  Once Deaf 3-Year-Old Hears His Dad’s Voice For The First Time After Implant”
  • Huffington Post - “Grayson Clamp, 3, Hears Dad For The First Time After Receiving Auditory Brain Stem Implant”
  • Yahoo! News - “Implant Lets Deaf Child Hear For The First Time”

Our thoughts are with Grayson as he continues to get acclimated to his new auditory implant. Congratulations also to the surgical team and everyone who helped Grayson and his family during their time at UNC Hospitals!

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