UNC School of Medicine Celebrates Match Day

On Friday, March 20, excited fourth year UNC School of Medicine students and their families packed the auditorium of the Medical Biomolecular Research Building for the annual Match Day event. The day serves as a celebration of both the completion of medical school and students learning where they will go to complete their residency training.

Bill Roper, MD, MPH, dean, UNC School of Medicine kicked off the event, congratulating this year's class of students on their accomplishments.

"You have matched at some of the world's best medical centers," he said.

Then, as the clock hit noon, cheers erupted and student's names began flashing across the large screen on the stage of the auditorium. One by one, students made their way towards the stage, received their Match letter and – as is tradition – dropped a dollar into a heavily decorated bed pan.

What they found in their envelopes added up to the following:

  • 98 percent of the Class of 2015 matched
  • They will complete residencies in 31 states and the District of Columbia
  • They matched into 26 different specialties
  • 33 percent will remain in North Carolina for their residencies
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