BBSP welcomes new students

On Aug. 15 a new class of PhD students gathered to begin their week of orientation. During their first year, they will receive training through the Biomedical and Biological Sciences Program (BBSP). They will rotate through multiple labs and collaborate with their classmates before selecting one of the BBSP member PhD programs, and the lab where they will complete their thesis. We met a few of the students.

BBSP welcomes new students click to enlarge Students gather for orientation activities

The new class of 79 students was selected from more than 1,300 applicants. Of those 79 students, 63 percent are female. The class contains citizens of nine different nations and is made up of graduates from 68 different universities spanning 25 states, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and countries including China, Mexico, Panama, and Zambia.

UNC SOM Orientation 2016

"UNC has such a great variety of research areas. Right now I'm very interested in neurogenetics, but I'm excited to see a cross section of labs across different disciplines. I see this as a great opportunity to develop my scientific mindset."

- Rhiana Simon

UNC SOM Orientation 2016

"I did my undergraduate studies in Puerto Rico, and one of the most life changing things I experienced was the opportunity to come to UNC to do a summer research internship. After I graduated, I came back to UNC for PREP, and so now it feels great to be here getting started. This is a great place. Coming from my smaller university in Puerto Rico, to a huge institution like UNC was a big change, but everyone here has been so supportive it's really made the transition easy for me.

- Lucas Aponte Collazo

UNC SOM Orientation 2016

"I just completed my masters in biochemistry at Morgan State in Baltimore, but at UNC I'm excited that I'll have the opportunity to explore different areas of research that interest me. I'm especially interested in toxicology and how it ties into cancer research."

- Kevin Mauge-Lewis

UNC SOM Orientation 2016

"I took a little while to find out what I really wanted to do and to make sure that graduate school was right for me. I worked for two years at the NIH and during my time there I came to understand just how important doctoral training was to pursue a career in science. I feel very strongly about exploring scientific inquiry."

- Kathie Sun

UNC SOM Orientation 2016

"I've worked as a paramedic for around 6 years, and have been an EMT for a total of 13. Being on the clinical side of medicine for so long, I've always been told what to do, but never really been able to ask questions like 'where did this treatment come from?' or 'are there better ways we can do this?' I'm excited about moving from applying science to actually investigating."

- Bryan McQueen

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