Biology discovery: tight DNA packaging protects against ‘jumping genes,’ potential cellular destruction
UNC study indicates that the “heterochromatin” form of DNA packaging mainly guards against virus-like genetic elements that destroy genes and destabilize the genome, a precursor of disease.
The dreamer turned leader
Kevin Robertson has spent his career trying to understand the neurological effects of HIV to help patients live fuller lives, and this summer his work and leadership were recognized by the American Psychological Association.
UNC and Minnesota researchers earn NIH grant to explore infant brain development
Collaboration between the UNC School of Medicine and the University of Minnesota aims to provide scientists with breakthrough information about how the human brain develops from birth through early childhood.
Medicine's Mentors: Eric Wolak
In our next installment of Medicine's Mentors, Eric Wolak, MSN, MHA, RN, NEA-BC, opens up about his mentors from the North Carolina Jaycee Burn Center and the CTICU at UNC Hospitals to Swedish Medical Center in Seattle and back to Chapel Hill, where today he serves as director of medicine and oncology services at UNC Hospitals.
An Epigenetic First: researchers pinpoint protein's role in key biological process
UNC researchers help piece together how the key players in DNA methylation work together during gene regulation, a key finding needed to develop better therapies.
With Open Arms
UNC medical student Yousef Abu-Salha fulfilled a dream of caring for child refugees from Syria, while honoring the legacy of his slain sisters Yusor and Razan and best friend Deah -- Our Three Winners.
UNC School of Medicine hosts annual White Coat Ceremony
On Saturday, Sept. 10, the UNC School of Medicine officially welcomed the class of 2020 at the annual White Coat Ceremony.
UNC Hospitals’ quality improvement program leads to quicker treatment of STEMI heart attacks
To address full cardiac arrest of hospital patients, new measures reduced the average time between symptom onset and the start of treatment by 72 percent.
UNC researchers identify how hepatitis A virus causes liver injury
A new report in the journal Science describes how the virus can jump species, including to mice – a finding that has major implications for researching the disease and host immune responses to the virus. Jason Whitmire, PhD, and Stanley Lemon, MD, led the research team.
New ALS discovery: scientists reverse protein clumping involved in neurodegenerative conditions
By countering the tendency of the protein SOD1 to clump in motor neurons, researchers at the UNC School of Medicine find a way to protect neurons from toxic effects in lab experiments.
UNC hearing loss experts lead clinical trials of FDA-approved hearing implant
Ninety-seven percent of trial participants reported hearing improvements in the first year with the use of the SYNCHRONY EAS (Electric Acoustic Stimulation) Hearing Implant System. UNC implanted more patients than any other participating hearing center.
Scientists discover interplay of yin-yang antagonists vital for cell division
Although mutated versions of the protein Cdh1 have not been found in cancers, the protein’s degradation at a key moment during the cell cycle may spur on cancerous cell division.
Racial gaps persist in how breast cancer survivors function, feel during treatment and after
A UNC Lineberger study published in the journal Breast Cancer Research and Treatment drew upon surveys that assessed health-related quality of life issues for women aged 20 to 74 years who lived in North Carolina and had breast cancer. The analysis was part of the third phase of the Carolina Breast Cancer Study.
Tar Heels go viral: UNC researchers featured on “This Week in Virology” podcast
Virologists with the UNC School of Medicine participated in last week's on-campus recording of a popular virology podcast.
Two UNC School of Medicine startup companies featured in Congressional event
Renovion and EpiCypher, spinouts from the work of David Henke, MD, and Brian Strahl, PhD, respectively, were celebrated this week at the National Council of Entrepreneurial Tech Transfer’s University Startups Demo Day
Baby teeth and autism: UNC part of large NIH study of environmental risk factors
Autism researchers will use new technology to study baby teeth of children who have siblings with autism to learn if siblings are more likely to develop the disorder if exposed to chemicals while in the womb.
UNC awarded high-profile NIH grant to research environmental influences on child health
UNC School of Medicine’s Michael O’Shea, MD, is the principal investigator for the $5-million grant to analyze data and follow children over time to study the origins of diseases and conditions.
Closing the Diversity Gap
UNC researchers publish special report exploring the reasons why PhD-trained scientists choose careers in or out of academia.
Spangler honored as 'Sepsis Hero' by Sepsis Alliance
On Thursday, Sept. 15, 2016, Sepsis Alliance held its fifth annual Sepsis Heroes: Celebrating Champions of Sepsis Awareness gala in New York City. UNC medical student Hillary Spangler was one of five honorees recognized as a Sepsis Hero. This annual event celebrates and applauds the work of individuals and organizations that have made great strides in raising sepsis awareness.
UNC receives $18 million to develop mobile technology to prevent and treat HIV in adolescents
iTech project will target people under the age of 30, the population with most new HIV infections in US. The effort is led by Lisa Hightow-Weidman, MD, MPH, associate professor of medicine.
Particular HPV strain linked to improved prognosis for throat cancer
In an analysis of survival data for a population of patients with a particular type of head and neck cancer, UNC Lineberger researchers confirmed that a particular strain of HPV, a virus linked to multiple cancers, resulted in better overall survival for patients with oropharyngeal cancer than patients with other strains of the virus.
UNC-Chapel Hill OB-GYN Dr. Alison Stuebe co-authors new study that shows breastfeeding saves mothers’ lives, too
The new study provides the first comprehensive picture of the health and economic benefits of breastfeeding
Park pens column on UNC Hospitals' Environmental Services Gospel Choir for Healthcare Executive Magazine
Gary Park, President of UNC Hospitals, contributed a column entitled Harmonious Healthcare for the September/October 2016 issue of Healthcare Executive Magazine, the official magazine of the American College of Healthcare Executives. The piece features the Environmental Services Gospel Choir, a UNC Hospitals employee-run volunteer choir that performs for patients and employees.
Weber delivers Zika, travel update to UNC School of Medicine faculty
David Weber, MD, MPH, Matt Collins, MD, PhD, and Helen Lazear, PhD, were the featured speakers addressing the Zika virus epidemic during lecture at the UNC School of Medicine.
Severe burns, injuries from e-cigarette explosions go under-reported across the country
In a new British Medical Journal editorial, UNC School of Medicine researchers and physicians stress the need for better worldwide surveillance of e-cigarette-related burns and better regulation of e-cigarettes to reduce burn injuries.
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