Water supply update: Tap water now safe to drink and use for hand hygiene

Based on test results OWASA received early Saturday afternoon, it is now safe to drink tap water and use tap water for hand hygiene at UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill and at our clinics supplied by OWASA.

February 4, 2017
Test results issued by the Orange Water and Sewer Authority (OWASA) on Saturday afternoon indicated that it is safe for UNC Hospitals and clinics to use the water supply again.
OWASA, which supplies the water used at UNC Hospitals and our outpatient clinics in Orange County, is experiencing very low pressure because of a water main break. While OWASA’s water supply remains severely constrained, UNC Hospitals and clinics must use water to support patient care, and have begun doing so now that it is safe. Hospital staff are encouraged to continue to conserve water in situations that are unrelated to patient care to support OWASA and the community.
OWASA officials hope the supply will be fully stabilized and back to normal levels early in the week. UNC Health Care thanks all employees for their help, support and patience during this situation, which helped to keep the hospitals and clinics operating normally throughout the water shortage. 

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