SOM Office of Research appoints Christopher Gregory director of Office of Research Technologies

Christopher Gregory, PhD, has been appointed director of the Office of Research Technologies to increase interdisciplinary science and maximize resources available to UNC School of Medicine researchers.

SOM Office of Research appoints Christopher Gregory director of Office of Research Technologies click to enlarge Christopher Gregory, PhD

Support of research core facilities is a key component of the mission of the School of Medicine Office of Research (OoR) to increase interdisciplinary science and maximize resources available to UNC researchers. The Office of Research Technologies (ORT) was created to provide core administration and operations support, budgeting assistance, core director training, financial reporting, and general oversight. In his new role as director, Christopher Gregory, PhD, will work closely with Annabelle Stein, ORT associate director and Nancy Fisher, PhD, Assistant director of core development. Additionally, he will serve as the chair of the Core Facilities Advocacy Committee (CFAC), which advises the UNC SOM vice dean for research Blossom Damania, PhD, on equipment needs, funding strategies, and development of new core technologies. CFAC committee members work directly with core facility directors to ensure high-quality services and user satisfaction. Current CFAC members are Richard Cheney, PhD, Terry Furey, PhD, Li Qian, PhD, John Serody, MD, and John Sondek, PhD.

“Our core facilities are a key asset underlying the innovative and collaborative research that UNC is known for,” Damania said. “Maintaining these resources requires strategic oversight and Dr. Gregory has the unique skills to improve upon our existing strengths to provide even better and more efficient core services to investigators across campus. Dr. Gregory has already helped us streamline several cores over the past year in the school and has greatly improved their finances and functionality.”

Gregory received his PhD from The Ohio State University in 1993 followed by a postdoctoral fellowship in the Laboratories for Reproductive Biology in the UNC Department of Pediatrics.  He took a research faculty position in the UNC department of pathology and laboratory medicine, where his lab focused on androgen receptor function in recurrent prostate cancer.  In 2005, he joined a biotechnology start-up focused on development of a hormone-based treatment for Alzheimer’s disease and became VP, Research. 

Gregory joined a clinical research organization in late 2007 and was responsible for medical and scientific affairs, drug safety and medical writing, along with early stage drug development programs with multiple pharma companies. Most recently, he was the general manager at Catalent Pharma Solutions in RTP, a full service analytical testing, drug development and manufacturing operation that supported more than 300 customers globally.  In his current role in the department of genetics, he is focused on strategic planning, research administration, financial management, special projects, process improvement, policy, and faculty support.

Over the past year, Gregory has served as a management adviser to the High Throughput Sequencing Facility, providing training on performance management, process improvement, operations, communication and quality systems. In his new role as ORT Director, he plans to build upon the excellent existing core infrastructure by implementing long-term strategic planning to ensure ongoing access to cutting edge technology that will advance highly innovative research at UNC.

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