Dr. William L. Roper Named Interim President of the UNC System
He will succeed President Margaret Spellings, who recently announced plans to step down.
Qian Appointed Associate Director of McAllister Heart Institute
Li Qian, PhD, associate professor of pathology and laboratory medicine, has been named the associate director of McAllister Heart Institute effective October 1, 2018.
UNC Medical Center temporarily suspending elective surgeries due to water main break
UNC Medical Center is temporarily suspending elective surgeries due to the OWASA water main break. Additionally, we are not accepting transfer patients. Trauma patients are currently being redirected to other facilities in the area.
UNC Medical Center resumes accepting emergency cases
The Medical Center has resumed accepting emergency cases and is accepting transfers on a case-by-case basis, and UNC Health Care clinics in the Chapel Hill area will resume normal operations today at noon.
New Exhibition at NC Museum of Art Showcases the ‘Art of Science and Innovation’
Images in the exhibition highlight medical research from labs of UNC School of Medicine scientists.
Can Scientists Change Mucus to Make It Easier to Clear, Limiting Harm to Lungs?
UNC School of Medicine and Duke University researchers show why coughing can’t force mucus free from airways to help people battle cystic fibrosis and chronic bronchitis, and how new treatments could alter mucus to make coughing more therapeutic.
Can Stimulating the Brain Treat Chronic Pain?
Neuroscientists and chronic pain experts at the UNC School of Medicine used a weak alternating current of electricity to target a specific part of the brain and significantly decrease chronic lower back pain in all participants of a small clinical trial.
Center for Transplant Care Celebrates 50 Years of Life-Saving Procedures
The program’s major milestone was celebrated in the lobby of the UNC Children’s Hospital Monday morning with speeches from physicians that have made the program possible, along with a kidney transplant patient and his living donor.
Blue Cross NC, UNC-Chapel Hill Collaborate to Expand Rural Primary Care
Blue Cross NC to invest $800,000 in a new UNC-Chapel Hill program that improves access to care, education and employment opportunities throughout Rockingham County.
A cancer diagnosis changed their wedding plans, but strengthened their bond
A diagnosis with a rare type of blood cancer called acute promyelocytic leukemia just days before his wedding influenced Dustin Riedesel's perspective on marriage, and inspired him and his now-wife, Katie, to raise money to support cancer research.
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