The Search for a Cure

The UNC School of Medicine's efforts to develop new treatments and potential cures for HIV are featured extensively on UNC-Chapel Hill's home page this week.

With 1.1 million Americans already living with HIV and another 40,000 new cases every year, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill researchers have been working to hone treatments and find a cure for the virus for decades.

Through partnerships with pharmaceutical companies and collaborations with units across campus, Carolina HIV researchers are getting closer to a solution for the virus. They’re attacking HIV from every direction to improve the lives of patients, prevent more people from acquiring it, and find a way to eradicate it entirely.

At UNC-Chapel Hill’s home page, check out timelines and stories about HIV research at the UNC School of Medicine. And to learn more about HIV clinical trials at UNC and the team that runs them, go here.

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