Machine Learning Helps Scientists Measure Important Inflammation Process
Led by the UNC School of Medicine lab of Leslie Parise, PhD, researchers created an artificial intelligence tool to measure NETosis, an important inflammatory process by which certain white blood cells trap invaders like bacteria. This work will help scientists find ways to stop or promote the process in disease states.
Surgical & Cardiology Team at UNC Children’s Help Infant Thrive
Margot Halpin is Flourishing After Heart Surgery at Four Months Old
UNC Hosts World AIDS Day Event, CFAR Symposium
Friday December 6, the Institute for Global Health and Infectious Diseases and Center for AIDS Research will host event special event at the Bioinformatics Building. Elsevier Press recently reviewed the impact of institutions in HIV research worldwide, and UNC-Chapel Hill ranked fourth.
How Enzymes Reign Supreme in Worldwide Carbon Recycling
Richard Wolfenden, PhD, professor of biochemistry and biophysics, details how white rot fungi produce enzymes that turn out to be key players in the carbon cycle.
UNC Health Care Introduces App to Help Patients Navigate Hospitals, Clinics and Parking
Smartphone technology from Gozio Health provides directions, doctor directories and more
UNC HIV Researchers Featured
The Office of University Communications at UNC-Chapel Hill featured UNC School of Medicine researchers for their decades of dedication in fighting the HIV epidemic.
Lily and Yuh-Nung Jan Named 20th Perl-UNC Neuroscience Prize Recipients
The husband-and-wife scientists from UC San Francisco will be honored at a spring event at UNC-Chapel Hill for their seminal research discoveries on the development and function of the nervous system.
UNC School of Medicine Celebrates 2019-20 Yang Family Biomedical Scholars
The award, which recognizes the research achievements of young tenured faculty, is made possible through a generous donation from Lenovo Chairman and CEO Yuanqing Yang with additional financial support from Mr. To Hing Wu. This is the fourth annual class of Yang Family Biomedical Scholars, and the recipients are Chad Pecot, Li Qian, Gregory Scherrer, Greg Wang.
Scientists Discover Key Neural Circuit Regulating Alcohol Consumption
The UNC School of Medicine lab of Zoe McElligott, PhD, found that alcohol consumption is regulated by the activity of a particular set of neurons in a specific brain region, a discovery that could lead to a better understanding of why some casual drinkers develop an alcohol use disorder.
Scientists Visualize Competition Between Healthy, Dysfunctional Platelets
In some patients with blood disorders, platelet transfusion therapy doesn’t work. UNC School of Medicine scientists used real-time imaging and mouse models to show why. Their work, led by Wolfgang Bergmeier, PhD, could guide clinical studies and better use of platelet therapy.
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