Sidney Smith awarded WHF Lifetime Achievement Award
The award was presented August 31 at the World Congress of Cardiology in Paris.
A Tribute to Kevin Robertson
Professor emeritus Colin Hall wrote this remembrance of his dear friend and neurology colleague Kevin Robertson, who passed away earlier this year.
New Peanut Allergy Treatment Passes Phase 2 Trial, Shows Effectiveness and Safety
UNC School of Medicine researchers led by Edwin Kim, MD, show that tiny under-the-tongue doses of peanut protein can offer safe and substantial protection against peanut allergy.
UNC to Host Annual National Centers for AIDS Research Meeting
The UNC Center for AIDS Research will host the National Centers for AIDS Research meeting November 5-8, including the scientific symposium at the Friday Center in Chapel Hill.
Vaping may harm fertility in young women
Led by Kathleen Caron, PhD, UNC School of Medicine researchers found that e-cigarette use during pregnancy impairs metabolic health in animal models.
UNC Urgent Care 24/7 Provides Free Medical Care for Hurricane Dorian Victims
Patients affected by Hurricane Dorian in North Carolina can access medical care around-the-clock via UNC Urgent Care 24/7.
Fraher Receives the North Carolina Institute of Medicine Award for Excellence in Health Policy Leadership
The North Carolina Institute of Medicine presented Erin Fraher, PhD, MPP, director of the Carolina Health Workforce Research Center, with the Award for Excellence in Health Policy Leadership at the NCIOM 2019 Annual Meeting.
Researchers Pinpoint Animal Model Proteins Important in Study of Human Disease
Frank Conlon, PhD, co-led a study showing which proteins and pathways are conserved in four major animal models and humans, providing insights into which models are best for specific research of human disease.
UNC to Host First Conference Aimed at Fathers of Children with Autism
UNC Autism Fathers Conference on Sept. 14 to focus on challenges fathers face.
Brewer, Lazard lead publication in Tobacco Control
UNC Lineberger’s Noel Brewer, PhD, and Allison Lazard, PhD, led a study titled, “Communicating about chemicals in cigarette smoke: impact on knowledge and misunderstanding.”
Exercising While Restricting Calories Could be Bad for Bone Health
UNC School of Medicine’s Maya Styner, MD, led research showing that the combination of cutting calories and exercising can make bones smaller and more fragile in animals, whereas exercise on a full-calorie diet has a positive impact on bone health.
Researchers report favorable survival, fewer side effects after reduced therapy for HPV-linked head and neck cancer
UNC Lineberger’s Bhishamjit Chera, MD, associate professor of radiation oncology, found that reducing the intensity of radiation treatment for patients with human papillomavirus-associated head and neck cancer produced a promising survival rate with fewer side effects.
Researcher recognized for perseverance that led to study, plans for trials in pancreatic cancer
Kirsten Bryant, PhD, Ariel Pani, PhD, and John Pryor, PhD, are this year's recipients of the Joseph S. Pagano Award, which recognizes outstanding work by postdoctoral research associates at the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center.
Can scientists predict which cancer markers are likely to trigger an immune response?
In a new study, UNC Lineberger researchers led by Benjamin Vincent, MD, report the discovery of a method for predicting whether abnormal proteins produced by cancer cells could trigger an immune response.
Zylka Lab awarded $6.1 million from NIH to develop CRISPR/Cas9 gene therapy for Angelman syndrome, study UBE3A autism gene with Philpot Lab
Mark Zylka, PhD, in The UNC Neuroscience Center was awarded NIH funding for two 5-year projects, one jointly with Ben Philpot, PhD, to develop new knowledge with the potential to advance treatments for neurodevelopmental disorders.
CBD May Alleviate Seizures, Benefit Behaviors in People with Neurodevelopmental Conditions
UNC School of Medicine researchers led by Ben Philpot, PhD, and Bin Gu, PhD, found that cannabidiol had anti-seizure effects and behavior benefits in animal models of Angelman syndrome, a neurodevelopmental disorder.
Susan G. Komen Announces $26-million Investment in Research Focused on Metastatic Breast Cancer, New Treatments
UNC Lineberger and UNC School of Medicine researchers Lisa Carey, MD, Charles Perou, PhD, and Hector Franco, PhD, received $1,450,000 in research funding. They were the only North Carolina-based researchers awarded Komen grants.
External Advisory Board Issues Findings & Recommendations for UNC Children’s Pediatric Heart Surgery Program
The report, which was reviewed by the UNC Health Care Board of Directors September 16th, makes several detailed recommendations to improve the program, while noting UNC Health Care’s commitment to programmatic quality and improvement.
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