Real Medicine

Real Medicine: 2015 Year in Review
In 2015, UNC Health Care showed the power of working as a team.
Puppies: The Power of Cute for Mental Health
The UNC PAWS program of the UNC Center for Excellence in Community Mental Health trains puppies for 10 weeks and then matches each puppy with a veteran suffering from PTSD.
Transport Therapists Create Calm in the Skies
For nearly 30 years, UNC Carolina Air Care has swooped in to provide life-saving support for thousands of adult and pediatric patients. Here we go behind the scenes with Heidi Allen, pediatric respiratory therapist, and follow her and her teammate, Jonathan Lewis, RN, on a high-energy story of pediatric air care.
The Gospel Choir: Behind-the-Scenes Team Takes Center Stage
The Environmental Services Gospel Choir, comprising housekeeping staff from the day and night shifts, sings words of encouragement across UNC Hospitals.
From Sepsis to Med School
When Hillary Spangler was 10 years old, she was rushed to North Carolina Children's Hospital with persistent flu-like symptoms. She was released one month later -- a survivor of sepsis with a long road to recovery ahead.
Nash Health Care Chaplain Sows Seeds For Healthy Living
The latest installment in our Real Medicine video series features the Rev. Richard Joyner, head of hospital chaplaincy at Nash Health Care, who started a community garden in a small rural town where he teaches kids to grow vegetables.
All About Team - Rec Basketball at UNC Hospitals
Basketball is synonymous with UNC. And within UNC Hospitals, this legacy holds true. Passion for the court reverberates through the halls. The employees hunger for it, and UNC Hospitals’ Employee Recreation and Wellness fuels this desire.
Cancer Survivor Becomes Ambassador for Hope
The latest installment in our Real Medicine video series features one of our Patient Ambassadors for North Carolina Children's Hospital.
2014 Real Medicine - Year in Review
2014 marked a new beginning for our series.
The Med Student from Oak Creek Village
This month’s Real Medicine story is about a second year medical student at UNC named Kate Magee. A Raleigh, N.C. native, she’s also the recipient of an Albert Schweitzer fellowship.
A Children's Nurse who Cares for Squirrels, Too!
Lauren Georges, an RN in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at North Carolina Children's Hospital, rescues these animals who've been injured or orphaned, and raises them to be released once again into the wild.
Roy Williams' game day security blanket
In his day job, Darrick Woods is a nurse manager on the emergency services transitions unit at UNC Hospitals. But since 1993, Darrick's off-hours have led him to the Dean Dome, where he serves on the security detail for Carolina men's basketball.
War vet receives his hearing back
Dr. Oliver Adunka, an ENT surgeon at UNC Health Care, was able to get Dac Carpenter into a clinical trial that installed a sound bridge in one ear. That allows Dac to hear just like he did before he was injured.
Widow finds new hope with Sudanese refugee
Yvonne Josephson, a nurse at High Point Regional Hospital, lost her husband unexpectedly. Because of his chronic illness, they decided not to have children. But then Yvonne was introduced to Eppi and the beginning of a sweet and tender relationship began.
The Man Whose Happiness is Contagious
If you happen to walk through Rex Hospital in Raleigh and pass Eugene Taylor, you’ll know it.
Real Medicine: UNC Spine Surgeon has Humble Beginning in Burma
Moe Lim, MD, is a spine surgeon in the UNC Department of Orthopaedics. This video is the first in a new UNC Health Care System series called, “Real Medicine: Stories that Connect.”
Introducing "Real Medicine: Stories That Connect"
"Real Medicine: Stories That Connect" is a new UNC Health Care video series. We are sharing stories that inspire, motivate, and connect the people of UNC Health Care.
2013 Year in Review: real doctors, real people and RN: Real Nurses
Photojournalist Nathan Clendenin recounts 2013 highlights from each of these two popular video series.
RN: Real Nurses - Christie Grafford
Two dogs, two cats, three horses, two pot-bellied pigs, two prairie dogs and one registered nurse from pediatric surgical services at UNC Health Care: That’s what you’ll find if you visit Christie Grafford’s ten acres of land north of Roxboro in Hurdle Mills.
real doctors, real people - Adam Goldstein
In October 2013, Adam Goldstein, MD, MPH, embarked on an incredible journey taking him to the heartland of civilization's beginning.
RN: Real Nurses - Donovan Hazard
Donovan Hazard, an RN in the Newborn Critical Care Center at N.C. Children's Hospital, is also a bow hunter.
real doctors, real people - Terrence Holt
Dr. Terrence Holt, a UNC physician, is also a critically acclaimed author of fiction.