RN: Real Nurses Archive
2013 Year in Review: real doctors, real people and RN: Real Nurses

Photojournalist Nathan Clendenin recounts 2013 highlights from each of these two popular video series.
RN: Real Nurses - Christie Grafford

Two dogs, two cats, three horses, two pot-bellied pigs, two prairie dogs and one registered nurse from pediatric surgical services at UNC Health Care: That’s what you’ll find if you visit Christie Grafford’s ten acres of land north of Roxboro in Hurdle Mills.
RN: Real Nurses - Donovan Hazard

Donovan Hazard, an RN in the Newborn Critical Care Center at N.C. Children's Hospital, is also a bow hunter.
RN: Real Nurses - John Collier

As a clinical nurse IV in the outpatient clinics of N.C. Cancer Hospital, Collier plays many roles from nurse manager to caring for patients. He's used to playing different roles though as he's been into drama and theater about as long as he's been in nursing.
RN: Real Nurses - JoAnne Kroesen

JoAnne Kroesen, a nurse at North Carolina Children's hospital specialty clinics, is also a volunteer with Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue.
RN: Real Nurses - Sarah Hassing

Sarah Hassing, an RN in the PICU at North Carolina Children's Hospital, can make a cake look like almost anything.
RN: Real Nurses - Karan Batts

Karan Batts, a nurse in the PACU at UNC's Ambulatory Care Center, is also a ballroom dancer.
real doctors, real people - RN: Real Nurses - Spartan Edition

We interrupt your regular programming of real doctors, real people and RN: Real Nurses this month to bring you a special combined edition. We're calling it the Spartan Edition!
RN: Real Nurses - Bren Sparling

Bren Sparling, an RN in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, says she has always been a creative person.
RN: Real Nurses - Katherine Desrochers

Desrochers is an RN in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at N.C. Children's Hospital and a yoga teacher.
RN: Real Nurses - Bela Emory

Bela Emory, RN, CPN, BSN has been a nurse at UNC Hospital for more than 25 years working the night shift in Pediatrics. When she's not at the hospital, Bela spends much of her time helping her husband with his antiques business and loves collecting Campbell's soup advertisements.
RN: Real Nurses - the year in review

The UNC nurses we met in 2012 give 100 percent of themselves to their work - and to their lives away from work.
RN: Real Nurses - Stacey Anderegg

Stacey Anderegg is an Hematology/Oncology Infusion Nurse at the N.C. Cancer Hospital. In her life outside the hospital, Stacey is a vocalist with a 7-woman a cappella group called "Stella."
RN: Real Nurses - Chris McGrath

"When we keep someone alive long enough so that they can come back here and have an intervention and they walk out of the hospital, that makes it all worth it," says Chris McGrath, a Certified Flight Registered Nurse for Carolina Air Care.
RN: Real Nurses - Angela Overman

Angela Overman, RN, is a nurse manager in G.I. surgery at UNC Hospitals. She's also very good with a lasso!
RN: Real Nurses - Morgan Womble

Morgan Womble is a nurse in the Orthopedics/Trauma unit at UNC Hospitals. She's also a self-described "adrenaline junkie" and skydiver.
RN: Real Nurses - Carol Smiley

Carol Smiley, an RN in the Newborn Critical Care Center at UNC Hospitals, spends a lot of her time outside the hospital taking care of hundreds of cats at an animal sanctuary.
RN: Real Nurses - Barbara Riff

Parking difficulties inspired Barbara Riff to take motorcycle lessons with her son. Now she commutes to work via motorcycle and frequently takes motorcycle trips for fun.
RN: Real Nurses - Kimberly Young

As a nurse, Kimberly Young works with patients in UNC's Surgery Trauma Intensive Care Unit. Outside of the hospital, Kimberly lives and works at the North Carolina Zen Center as an ordained Zen Buddhist nun.
RN: Real Nurses - Suzy Lawrence

Suzy Lawrence, a nurse in UNC Gynecologic Oncology, takes an environmentally aware approach to the way she lives.
RN: Real Nurses - Gina Althoff

Gina Althoff, a nurse at UNC Hospitals, describes herself as "not very outgoing" at work. But if you happen to be one of the many participants sweating it out in her Les Mills Body Combat class in Chapel Hill, that's probably the last thing you would think about her.
RN: Real Nurses - Jeanne Gartner

Pediatric oncology nurse Jeanne Gartner has her head in the clouds. Jeanne not only is a nurse, she’s an FAA-certified hot air balloon pilot.