Motivating Carolina students and employees to Get Fit from Head to Heel!

If you need to lose weight, and want to learn how to do it the healthy way, while meeting new people and having fun, Get Fit from Head to Heel! is for you...

Carolina Campus Recreation and Counseling & Wellness Services introduces Get Fit from Head to Heel!, a 10-week healthy lifestyle, weight loss and physical activity challenge available to UNC-Chapel Hill students and employees. The program, formerly called Carolina's Biggest Loser, is designed for individuals interested in modifying their lifestyle and adopting healthy, new patterns.

With the support of a team and coach, participants will attend weekly fitness challenges and nutrition workshops. The program emphasizes the importance of maximizing physical activity and making healthier lifestyle and eating choices. The program not only provides motivation and support, but the resources to be successful. The impact of the program can best be described by feedback from past participants.

"I was at a standstill...I was sick of dieting, I was sick of exercising, I was sick of everything, and I needed a little push..."

"I've tried new things that I never thought I'd do, and learned that I actually like exercise, which I never thought would happen..."

"Whether you've lost a little bit or a lot, the results give you the confidence you need to know you are on the right path."

Applications are available at and must be completed and returned to the Student Recreation Center, Room 101. For more information, please contact Lauren Mangili by email at or phone, 919-9620-7348.