New CPOE Orders Procedure

Medical Information Management is pleased to announce a major new initiative to directly import CPOE orders into the Imaged Documents area of WebCIS. This initiative will take effect Oct. 28.

The MIM Department is currently scanning these orders manually. This will improve the turnaround time for getting these orders directly into WebCIS immediately upon discharge and can be found under Providers Orders under the Imaged Documents tab. This change will improve:
  • Quality/AccessibilityAll orders will pass at the same time, unlike today when we have thinned portions and loose materials that get scanned separately at various times. They will consistently be in date order, in a standard format, and under the one discharge date.
  • TimelinessAll orders will be available for review in WebCIS immediately after discharge.
  • LegibilityWe will no longer be affected by poor printer cartridges or scanning errors that we encounter in the manual process.

Please be sure to review the following important points:

  • Paper copies of orders will still print as a worksheet document and can be used as a communication tool while the patient is in-house.
  • The worksheet documents will be placed in a confidential bin for shredding at discharge and cannot be used as a permanent part of the documentation. Anything written on these orders will not be placed in the permanent chart.
  • Handwritten order forms not in CPOE, such as chemotherapy orders, general hand written orders, restraint orders, etc. will continue to be scanned manually after discharge and must not be discarded.
Medical Information Management would like to gratefully acknowledge the tremendous efforts by both Nursing and ISD to help us make this important initiative a reality.  If you have any questions, please contact Emil Usinger at 966-1225.
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