New version of WebCIS released Monday Oct. 20

A message from Dr. Berger

We released a new version of WebCIS (version 2.10) Monday, Oct. 20. We have been keenly aware of the instability of WEBCIS that all of you have suffered over the past six months. In response to these problems most of our programming staff, networking and mainframe and server groups have been working on solving these problems since we placed a moratorium as of July 1, 2008, on any new functionality that was not already being programmed. 

We have also had consulting help from IBM. Though we are not finished yet, this version has many “under the cover” infrastructure changes that we anticipate will markedly improve the stability, reliability, and average speed of WebCIS. As a result there are just a few new functions that you will see in this version that are described below.  

Please give me your feedback via e-mail (, both positive and negative, regarding the reliability and speed of this new version after you have used it for a couple of weeks. We depend not only on our central monitoring tools, but you the user to inform us about problems or feedback on improvements in the system. The following new functions are in this version:
  1. F/U consult note is now available under “Create Notes” and should be used by all consulting services.  It will bring forward the previous F/U consult note from the same service for the same admission. Use of this note will avoid “contamination” of the daily progress notes area of the application which should contain only the notes from the service the patient resides on. 
  2. Several divisional based new notes are present under “Create Notes.
  3. Direct entered notes may be reassigned to Medical Information Management.
  4. Contact precautions for a patient will be indicated on any census or patient list screen by a little “ladybug icon.
  5. A “speed test” is included under WebCIS administration on the Left Nav bar.  This should be used when talking to the Help Desk and will assist us in determining the cause of a slowdown of the system.
  6. The links to CPOE and e-Chart on the Left Nav bar will not be active until a patient is chosen.
  7. Cosmetic changes have been made to the Left Nav bar including just a single “logoff” button. No work will be lost by using this button to logoff. 
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