Pharmacy updates

Nicotrol Inhaler temporarily unavailable for inpatients. Local health department approval no longer necessary for rabies vaccine.

One option for smoking cessation treatment is the Nicotrol Inhaler, which uses a mouthpiece in which a nicotine-containing cartridge is inserted and the patient inhales from the mouthpiece simulating cigarette smoking.  We cannot currently obtain any mouthpieces, which renders the product useless.  This product will be unavailable for inpatients until the shortage of mouthpieces is resolved.  Other options for treatment include nicotine patches, lozenges, or gum.

The rabies vaccine has been in short supply for some time.  Recently, the CDC announced a requirement for approval (password supplied to reorder drug) from the local state health department office prior to administering any rabies vaccine.   The rabies vaccine supply situation has improved and the password system is no longer required. 

Any questions, please contact the Drug Information Service at 966-2373.



Maryann Oertel, PharmD, BCPS
Clinical Specialist, Drug Information
Secretary, P&T Committee
UNC Health Care
phone:  919-966-5133
Drug Info line:  919-966-2373
pager:  919-216-5876

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