University Resources Cannot Be Used To Support Political Campaign Activities

A message from Chancellor Thorp

Dear Carolina Students, Faculty and Staff:

With Election Day approaching, this is a reminder that students, faculty and staff may not use University resources - e-mail accounts, computers, vehicles, equipment, supplies, funds, postage, photocopying, faxes, and the like - for political campaign activities.

University employees who want to engage in political campaign activities may do so when those campaign efforts will not interfere with their job responsibilities.

Everyone in our campus community has the right to freely express their views on any subject, including advocacy for or against candidates for public office. It's just that, in exercising this right, no University resources may be used.

I urge everyone to become informed and to vote. If you live in Orange County, consider registering (if you have not already) and voting early at the one-stop location at the Morehead Building on campus starting today, Oct. 16 through Nov. 1. (For details, see You can find a complete list of one-stop voting locations by county at

See you at the polls.

Holden Thorp