FreedomPay 20% discount available in Corner Café

Did you know that customers in the Terrace, Corner and Neurosciences Cafés who use FreedomPay to purchase their meals receive a 20 percent discount off the cost of their food?

Angelo Mojica, director of Nutrition and Food Services, stressed that the discount is not an employee or patient discount, but a FreedomPay discount. Anyone who uses a FreedomPay tag, whether an employee, patient or visitor, will automatically receive the discount.

You can prepay as little as $10 into a FreedomPay account with cash, check, credit or debit card. Then, once you’ve picked up your food, wave the FreedomPay tag over the scanner at the register to pay. The amount is automatically deducted from your FreedomPay account and you are ready to eat, drink and move on.

The biggest convenience of FreedomPay is the 20 percent discount, not to mention its quickness, said Angelo Mojica, director of Nutrition and Food Services at the Hospitals. “FreedomPay allows our employees, visitors and patients to pay quickly without having to type in PIN numbers, sign receipts or dig around for cash,” Mojica said.

If you are interested in signing up for a FreedomPay account, visit or call 888-495-0222. You can also use the Web site to check your balance or add money to your account.

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