Important Update to UNC Plans for Complying with Medicaid Regulations regarding Tamper-Proofing Prescriptions

The plan has changed -- blue paper will no longer be necessary

A few weeks ago, Dr. Robert Berger sent a notice regarding new Medicaid regulations that require prescriptions to be "tamper-proof." Dr. Berger stated that effective Oct. 1, all WebCIS prescriptions must be printed on blue-colored paper.  THE PLAN HAS CHANGED -- BLUE PAPER WILL NO LONGER BE NECESSARY. 

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused.  If your clinical area has already ordered blue paper you should contact Corporate Express to see if they will accept the return of unopened cases.

We can avoid the paper change because the NC Department of Health and Human Services has now decided to follow a recent federal clarification and allow "microprinting" as the means to create prescriptions that "resist reproduction."  WebCIS will be programmed so that every prescription's signature line will actually be a microprinted line of text. 

The presence of the microprinted text can be verified by the pharmacist with a simple 5X magnifier. If a prescription is photo-copied, the microprinted signature line should NOT be readable with the magnifier. Many banks use the same technology on the signature line of personal checks.

Note: If you hand-write a prescription for a Medicaid patient after October 1st, the patient's pharmacy will probably reject the prescription. To avoid this, use WebCIS -- either send the prescription electronically (best option, and though not yet allowed for controlled substances, the DEA is working on this) or print with this new technology.

Please contact David Brooks via e-mail (, if you have any questions.

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