International Mailing or Transport of Research

If your work involves international mailing or transport of research materials, equipment or scientific samples, you must comply with federal shipping and export regulations.

Failure to comply with federal shipping and export regulations may result in severe civil and criminal penalties, including jail sentences for the employee moving the controlled item/information out of the country and heavy fines for the institution.  This is not a theoretical risk.  Last week a Professor Emeritus at the University of Tennessee was convicted in federal court of export violations.

In order to protect both yourself and the University, it is critically important to comply with the University's Policy on Export Controls. This policy requires all University personnel who plan to ship or even to hand-carry out of the country any research equipment, biological material, or nonbiological scientific samples to contact Deborah Howard (ph: 919-962-5722; several weeks before the date of transport to get the help needed to avoid running afoul of shipping regulations and export controls.

The materials and equipment covered by export controls may not be intuitively obvious, may not have safety hazards or military values that are obvious to you, and the restricted destinations for some items may include close allies of the United States.  Technical data and software that have military applications are subject to export controls under certain circumstances.  Information and practical operational assistance on complying with shipping/export regulations are available as follows:


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