New version of WebCIS

On Tuesday morning, April 21, a new version of WebCIS was released.

The following new functions will be available.  You will be able to see these by clicking the “New Version” blue logo at the top of the left Nav bar.  As always contextual help screens will be available for these new functions within the HELP system of WebCIS.  Contact for questions, bugs, or comments. Here is the new functionality:

  1. Rounds report enhancements:
    1. Alert icons for resistant organisms and flight risk etc. will appear
    2. Restraint order reminders i.e. restraint order has expired, restraint order is pending expiration, restraint orders current will be shown
    3. Meds are ordered by scheduled meds first, followed by PRN meds
    4. Rounds reports can be pre-filtered from Group or Personal lists using the “label” column before generating the rounds report
    5. “Label” comments from group and personal lists will appear
    6. Today’s lab values are in bold font
    7. Ionized Calcium and lactate will be added to blood gas results when available
  2. For the surgical services attendings, there will be a check box near the sign bar at the bottom of any online inpatient document to be signed  that says “Check this button if this service is within the surgical global billing period”.  This button will default as UNCHECKED and must be checked if service detailed in the note falls within the global surgical period.  This is to help P&A with proper billing and prevent lost charges for services that can be billed as they are overwhelmed by all online documents going to them whether or not they are billable.
  3. Nursing will have access to the “old” checkout forms that have been reformatted for their use for “electronic” checkout rounds.   More information to the nurses will be coming from Tracy Parham, RN re this.
  4. Additional status options will be present in the Disease Prevention module for Diabetic patients
  5. Multiple workflow changes will occur to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit notes
  6. Medical Information Management will have a tool to be able to un-finalize outpatient visit vitals screens for outpatient nurses.
  7. New Born Nursery Admission and Discharge direct entered notes will be available
  8. A report entitled “External Referral Note” will be present under reports when an outside facility (we will start with nursing homes) send a patient to the ED.  The nursing homes that do not have WebCIS access will be filling these in with a separate secure webpage designed for them to enter this data for patients they are sending to the ED before the patient leaves the nursing home by ambulance, and we will transfer that data from this web application immediately into the new WebCIS report.
  9. Date of admission on all online forms will be more accurate based on when the patient first entered the hospital in any status (i.e. Observation, Extended Recovery, or true Inpatient Admission).
  10. Many minor “bugs” will be fixed.

Coming within the next few weeks:

  1. The column in the inpatient census view that says “Anticipated Discharge Date” will be replaced with data that indicates what status the patient is in, i.e. “Observation”, Extended Recovery”, or “Inpatient Admission”.  A mouse over will provide more information to alert the physicians what actions to take to prevent loss of billing due to a patient remaining in a non-billable status. 
  2. Patient correspondence documents will have two options for sending to the patient: These notes will be able to be sent through a centralized automated mailing service, or continued to be routed to a Departmental administrator to snail mail as occurs now.
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