Order of the Grail-Valkyries is accepting nominations

The Order of the Grail-Valkyries is UNC-Chapel Hill's intellectual honorary society.

Founded in 1920, the purpose of the Order is to encourage a dynamic and vigorous campus intellectual climate and to foster unity
within our campus community. To achieve this end, the Order recognizes individuals of outstanding character who have made significant
contributions to our University's intellectual climate by enhancing our campus's learning environment or by having conducted outstanding

Examples of past contributions for which nominees have been recognized include designing and teaching a course at Carolina as a undergraduate,
working to establish the Carolina Research Scholars Program, founding the UNC chapter of the Roosevelt Institute, re-designing the first-year
curriculum at UNC Medical School, lobbying the North Carolina legislature to pass a carbon reduction and renewable energy bill,
leading programs abroad to provide over $100,000 of free dental care to underserved populations, and publishing in journals/presenting at
conferences on subjects as wide-ranging as astronomy, linguistics, and plant ecology.

Students and faculty are encouraged to nominate deserving undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty. Please take a moment to
recognize the accomplishments of fellow members of the UNC community.

The nomination form is available at:http://gpsf-wiki.unc.edu/confluence/display/fpghs/Nominations+2009

The deadline for nominations is February 16 at 11:59 pm.

For more information, please contact Nicholas Miller at nrmiller@email.unc.edu.