New Sunday night "online office hours" for Health Sciences Library

A message from Lara Handler, School of Medicine librarian at the Health Sciences Library


This is Lara Handler, your SoM librarian at the Health Sciences Library.
I am writing to let you all know about a new service that I’m starting this Sunday evening. You may find it helpful to refer your students to, or you may wish to take advantage of this service yourself.

Each Sunday night from 9-10 pm, I will be offering a special question-and-answer session to help all SoM students, interns, fellows, and faculty with any library or research-related questions. These will be "online office hours," which means you can log in right from your computer at home or wherever else you happen to be. We’ll start each hour with a brief (10 minutes or less) intro to a special topic, and then the rest of the time will be open for your questions. Topics will range from how to use point-of-care resources such as FIRSTConsult, to reference manager software EndNote and RefWorks, to an overview of poster design resources offered at the library.

I hope that these office hours will be convenient and helpful for everyone, from 1st year students to faculty who have been here for awhile but may still have questions about new resources they'd like to try. To log in, simply click on the URL posted below, and log in with any name you’d like me to see. You’ll be able to hear my voice if you use headphones or have speakers in your computer, and you can type in a chat box to ask questions and I can type back.

To see a schedule of the topics planned for this semester’s office hours, click here:

To go right to the website for online office hours, click here:

Although I’m only online from 9-10pm on Sundays, feel free to email me anytime. As the librarian for the SoM, my job is to help you and your students! My email is and I look forward to meeting more of you soon.

Best regards,

Lara Handler



Lara Handler
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