TUG the Robot is here!

A new 'employee' named TUG is now rolling through the halls of UNC Hospitals

You may see a cart rolling through our halls, tugged by a little robot (TUG) carrying specimens and supplies between Anatomic Pathology on the 3rd Floor of the Womens Hospital and GI procedures, the main OR's and the Core Laboratory. TUG uses sensors and wireless communication to find his way along halls and in (and out) of elevators. 

While TUG is making rounds for us, our staff can continue to work on other tasks. Please keep marked paths clear and if you see TUG coming, kindly let him pass. New signage will be posted along TUG's route. 

If you have any questions, please call or e-mail Marilou in Anatomic Pathology, 843-1085 or mmaglion@unch.unc.edu.