Medical Students Match

From the Blog: UNC's 156 fourth-year medical students participated in Match Day yesterday, March 19.

Everyone got an envelope!

UNC’s 156 fourth-year med students participated in Match Day yesterday. That’s the frantic, euphoric and butterflies-in-the-stomach-breeding occasion that happens simultaneously — noon Eastern — across the country when people who have toiled mightily for four straight years as students learn where they’ll mightily toil for another year as interns, then more toiling for two to six years as residents at academic medical centers or affiliated hospitals. One by one, secret envelopes that held their fates were opened. Tears (mostly of joy) were shed. There were shrieks, hugs, several confused babies.

Across the country more than 24,000 students matched. The AAMC breaks down a few of the numbers, and the National Resident Match Program says it’s the largest match in history.

UNC School of Medicine associate dean Georgette Dent says Match Day is always an exciting time. Listen to her observations, and observe a few of those hugs, here:

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