Important Recovery Act Funding and News

The March 2009 issue of RESEARCH SUPPORT online newsletter is now available.

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IMPORTANT NEWS: Major new funding opportunities and announcements about 2009 Recovery Act funding will be high-lighted in this and future issues of the newsletter. A new section "Recovery Act" has been added to the newsletter funding opportunities section. The Federal News section will contain important news and policy announcements from federal agencies about Recovery Act funding, and the Campus News section will include key procedural and policy guidelines from the Office of Sponsored Research and the Office of the ViceChancellor for Research and Economic Development.

In this issue:

Funding Opportunities: Major funding opportunities from state, public, and private agencies, as well as from UNC Chapel Hill.


* Carolina Internal Funding Opportunities

* National Science Foundation

* National Institutes of Health

* Social and Behavioral Sciences

* Health and Medical Sciences

* Life and Physical Sciences

* Arts and Humanities


Campus News

* UNC Guidance Regarding NSF and NIH Stimulus Funding

* The Twelve Keys to Successful Grant Writing

* OSR Policies and Procedures Manual Update

* Research Administration Issues Memo

* Carolina Resources for Faculty Developing Postdoc Mentoring Activities

* Identifying Funding Sources Workshop for Faculty in Health Affairs

* Upcoming Bioinformatics Training

* Changes to NIH Proposal Types in RAMSeS

* Updated Patent and Invention and Copyright Policies

* New Patents and License Agreements


Funding Tips

* Developing a Rigorous Program Evaluation

* Read the Guidelines Before Contacting the Sponsor

* Tips for Great Grant Writing--What is NIH Looking For?

* Funding Search Advice for International Faculty Members

* BWF Suspends Traditional Grant Programs and Offers Two New Programs


Federal News

* Summary of Funding through the Federal Recovery Act

* Tracking Stimulus Spending

* New NIH Challenge Grants in Health and Science Research

* New NSF Grant Proposal Guide

* Important NIH Notices for Recovery Act Funding Applications and Awards

* NIST Seeks White Papers on Critical National Needs

* NIH K Award Policy

* NIH Resources for International Research Collaborations

* Army Research that Combats Disease

* NSF Collaborative Research in Biological and Geosciences

* Department of Defense STTR Partner Identification Tool



RESEARCH SUPPORT provides Carolina faculty and research staff with funding opportunities, sponsored research news, funding tips, and timely information from all of the offices supporting research at Carolina. It is published by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development, GrantSource Library. Email



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