Fifth Annual UNC Conference on Eating Disorders: Tools for the Management of Eating Disorders and Obesity in Your Practice and the Schools

The conference will be held on Saturday, Oct.17, at the Friday Center.

The conference will focus on detection and management of eating disorders and obesity in primary care and educational settings.  Physicians, counselors and educators are often the first point of contact for children and adults with eating disorders and obesity.  The conference will provide practical screening, evaluation, referral and management tools tailored to individual settings.  The featured keynote speaker Marian Tanofsky-Kraff, Ph.D., will discuss the growing problem of loss of control eating in youth, its impact on obesity and practical management strategies.  Cynthia Bulik, Ph.D., will discuss the treatment of binge eating disorder in adults. 

Intensive specialty workshops will include:

  •  Advanced cognitive-behavioral therapy for eating disorders
  • Detection and management of eating disorders and obesity in primary care
  • Development and implementation of eating disorders programs in schools across the age spectrum (middle school to university)
  • Interpersonal psychotherapy targeting loss of control eating for the prevention of obesity in youth

More information on the conference and continuing education credits will be available soon at