Center for Aging and Health grant awardee

Kevin Biese, M.D., M.A., recently received an Emergency Medicine grant from the Geriatrics Education for Specialty Residents (GSR) Program. Jan Busby-Whitehead, M.D., Ellen Roberts, M.D., Cherri Hobgood, M.D., along with the entire Futures Group for Geriatric Care will also participate in the grant. Dr. Biese is the PI and Program Director, and Dr. Busby-Whitehead is the Co-PI.

The team will use the two-year grant of $40,000 to develop, initiate, and evaluate geriatrics programs and curricula for Emergency Medicine residents. The grant will be managed by the Center for Aging and Health and the Division of Geriatrics Medicine.

The GSR Program is designed to improve the amount and quality of geriatric education received by residents and provides support to develop or enrich geriatrics teaching in the residency programs.  The GSR Program is a key component of the Geriatrics-for-Specialists Initiative (GSI) funded by the American Geriatrics Society (AGS) and the John A. Hartford Foundation.