HSL Journal review and cancellation process

In response to the economic challenges we are all facing, the Health Sciences Library has begun to review their journal subscriptions in anticipation of cancellations. Please help make these decisions by providing feedback on their Web site by July 15.

A significant portion of the HSL acquisitions budget (nearly 95%) is spent on recurring costs related to subscriptions, mostly journals. As these costs continue to rise and the budget dips, it is especially important to review HSL's current subscriptions in terms of both their cost and their value.

Difficult times require difficult decisions. HSL staff are working to identify $360,000 that need to be cut from the acquisitions budget in FY10. The average annual cost of a health sciences journal is $1,400, so to meet this budget gap they may need to cut as many as 257 journals. They are exploring every alternative and are seeking feedback from across their user base to ensure that the tough decisions they have to make have the least impact on important scholarship and patient care.

To facilitate obtaining feedback, HSL has developed a Journal Cancellation Web site with a list of Cancellation Candidates, information on Cancellation Criteria, and a Timeline and FAQs about the process. Your opinion is valuable and all HSL users are encouraged to participate in providing feedback, using the Web site or any other preferred means.