H1N1 Flu Update

This is a brief update of the evolving discovery of novel H1N1 influenza. We have had a probable case of novel influenza H1N1 at UNC Health Care. This case was evaluated in the Emergency Department and then discharged. Health care workers who did not wear appropriate PPE were offered prophylaxis.

The following is a message from Bill Rutala, MPH, PhD, director of Hospital Epidemiology and Occupational Health.

It appears that the disease is at a low level in the community. So far the virus has proved to be relatively mild and responsive to anti-viral drugs. Patients presenting with fever (38.0 degrees C or 100.4 degrees F) and respiratory symptoms (e.g., cough, sore throat) should be instructed to put on a surgical mask and placed in a room with the door closed. We will continue to use Droplet Precautions (surgical mask) plus gloves for patients seen at UNC Health Care.

As new information becomes available we will make you aware. Please also refer to our H1N1 flu page for the latest updates.