Electronic Prescriptions Accepted by UNC Outpatient Pharmacies

Beginning Dec. 1, the UNC Outpatient Pharmacies will accept electronic prescriptions.

To submit an electronic prescription to one of the UNC Outpatient Pharmacies:

A)   Select the appropriate pharmacy in WebCIS.  The options include:

  • UNC Main Outpt Pharmcy-UNC Use Only  (located at the NC Cancer Hospital)
  • UNC ACC Outpt Pharmcy-UNC Use Only   (located at the Ambulatory Care Center)

B)   Ensure the medication prescribed is part of the UNC drug formulary

C)   Ensure that the patient wishes to use one of the UNC Outpatient Pharmacies and is not restricted by his benefit plan to using some other pharmacy provider (e.g., PharmaCare for patients covered by the state HIV program).

As a reminder, prescriptions for C-II through V controlled substances cannot be submitted electronically according to current DEA requirements.  Instead, these prescriptions must be hardcopy documents (handwritten or printed from WebCIS) with a legal signature and given to the patient (or patient’s representative) to deliver to the pharmacy of their choice.  Of note, C-III through V controlled substance prescriptions may be faxed to pharmacies but only if they bear the legal signature of the prescriber (no electronic signatures accepted by the DEA).

Please also note that some compounded drugs available on the UNC drug formulary may not appear in the WebCIS drug list for selection by prescribers.  Unless the prescriber chooses to enter the compounded  formulation into WebCIS as an “uncoded” prescription, prescriptions for these items will have to be handwritten and given to the patient or patient’s representative.

The UNC Hospitals drug formulary can be found at the following link.  Restrictions that apply to the prescribing of formulary medications are listed within the monographs, when applicable.


The UNC formulary can also be viewed from within WebCIS.  Click "Reference" from the menu on the left side of the screen, then choose the "Hyperlinks" tab at the top of the page, and finally select "UNC Healthcare Drug Formulary."

Please help ensure that all patients are given the opportunity to choose their pharmacy provider so that we remain in compliance with North Carolina law.

Should you have questions regarding the above, please call Colleen Gresham at 966-5075.  Thank you.

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