CISMM holding Fifth Annual Carolina Workshop

CISMM is holding the Fifth Annual Carolina Workshop on Force Measurement and Manipulation in Biological Microscopy Sept. 22-25.

CISMM is the NIH sponsored center for Computer Integrated Systems for Microscopy and Manipulation. The center is holding a series of morning lectures on force measurement techniques and the biological implications of forces, taught by UNC and Duke faculty. In the afternoon, attendees will get their hands on CISMM instrumentation for magnetic tweezers and Atomic Force Manipulation for measuring the properties of clots, fibrin fibers, cell mechanics, biofluid rheology and microfluidics. The three-and-half-day workshop includes a poster session to see the range of CISMM research, informal discussions, and a barbeque banquet. On Friday, attendees will learn of CISMM software, freely available, for visualization and data analysis of microscopy challenges such as 3D confocal stacks.

For information and registration, please click here or contact Cassandra Houston at or 962-4057.



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